Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gempak Cover!

Yay, what a great feeling. This issue of Gempak features GENG as front cover. Its not just about the cover, but it is something that I discuss with GEMPAK editor, Ayour 3 month ago. At first ,I discovered to put GENG as front cover it is something impossible especially for a local animation. Ayour said it is depends on the demand of the market and the win-win situation for both parties. Starting from there I work with Ayour, give him good writeup, materials and try to make this cover something that can come true.

After sometimes, popularity GENG is starting to build up. We got an offer actually to put GENG as front cover from GEMPAK's marketing person.Finally everything is just right for us. We get the right timing and we got the demand from them as well. Now, before you know it GENG is on the GEMPAK's cover. Now, if we go to any bookstore and magazine shop we can see GENG on GEMPAK's cover. I believe it deserve to be there. At one time I notice a boy run from far to buy GEMPAK and screaming "Upin.. Ipin". What a feeling.

I starting to believe, this kind of promotion is somehow better than billboard. You only can see billboard once and only at one place.. no matter how big the billboard are... But, magazine cover we can see in all over Malaysia in any bookstore... is like moving promotion...

I will not stop here. You guy will see some other magazine put GENG as cover as well for the Feb's issue. Im still working on it. Just wait for the result...

1 comment:

  1. yesterday nampaklatest gempak with geng cover tersusun kat kedai. :P nice~


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