Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Movie Marathon Part 1

Dah lama tak tengok movie. Oleh kerana terlalu kecewa dengan event di Mcd sebelum tu kami berempat telah dengan secara spontan nya terasa nak makan burger carls jr dan selepas itu dengan secara spontannya decide nak tengok movie dan juga secara spontannya tengok 2 movie.

Gambar kat atas ni semasa sebelum sampai burger. Hmm, lepas ni taknak makan burger Carls Jr dah. This is the last time (at least for this year)

The 1st movie ialah The day the earth stood still. Bole la tahan cerita dia. Draging sana sini sikit dan very expected ending but bolee le layan. Ok, Next movie is...

BOLT. BOLT is awesome. Seriously.

I think BOLT is one of the greatest disney movie ever made. Eventhough the storyline is commonly known as disney type.. but, I just like everything about this film. The actions, jokes, storyline, characteristic ... this movie is better than Madagascar 2.

After watching BOLT, I felt like my day is perfect. Enough said.

P/s : do we have part 2? (maybe)

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