Saturday, October 18, 2008

Genting Highland

An awesome trip to Genting Highland during Hari Raya holiday. Nothing special or rare happen in Genting actually, but the idea of hangout together during holiday time is something hard to get. After 3 to 4th day of raya most of us already bored stay at home and felt like need to go somewhere. The members of this trip includes Anas, Hasan, Faizu, Faiz,Idaman and me. All the planning and decision already been made right before the hari raya holiday. Congrats to the team~

This is the view from the skyway. Anas, Faiz and me really afraid of heights. So, being in the skyway is just the starting of all other trauma adventures.

Anas with myspace pictures style. Like I said before Anas is scare of heights, he only manage to calm his self after a few minutes being in the skyway.

Right after we reached the top we went straight to the indoor theme park to see the 4D show which is not that great consider most of us start to criticize about the models and texture of the 3D elements (what a geek...). Hasan and Faizu, but mostly Hasan laugh a lot during the show where we suppose to be screaming because the show is about haunted house.

Me with the 4D glass

Next stop is the outdoor themepark and our 1st ride is the soleroshots (pic below). This is the king of my phobia. The feel is the same like you falling from the tall building. The only you can think is you will die. Is not like im not enjoy this ride but Im prefer stay on the ground more often.

Some other things that we played over there. This one is really safe.

Group photo infront of the double decker bus

Cant remember what is thing called. But I close my eyes all the times (haih)

Picture with tall clown. I already jump actually but my timing with the others is a little bit off. Seriously.

Before went back we decided to play some water ride. Just to take things slowly and challenge Idaman to her phobia which is water. (oh plz...)

Fuh, what a trip. The next day we start working as usual and tell how awesome the trip to the others.

Checkout what Idaman think about this trip
Idaman's Genting Trip

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  1. Jom pergi lagi~! Mari kita marathon naik space shot byk2 kali~!


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