Friday, August 01, 2008

Cameron Highland

Yes, for a very long time i haven't went to any kind of trip or vacations at all. So, this time around I have a chance to go our for a short holidays to Cameron Highland. The real reason for me to go to Cameron is because I was invited to attend for my officemate's wedding.

On the way to Cameron Highland...

This 2 days trip to Cameron is organized by Kak Izan but somehow Im the one who lead the way to reach there. Im quite nervous because I never drive to Cameron Highland before and most of us are quite not sure about the directions. But my co-driver Awei and Ida assist a lot by refer to hand drawn map and map that we bought from Mesra's Shop...

After more than 3 hours of driving finally we reach at the top of Cameron. What a felling.

Top view of tea garden..

Nice and calm view from the tea garden plantation. Is weather was not so cold but just nice and a little bit breezy. The next stop is the market. Most of the shops here selling tea, strawberry stuff, clothes, foods and fruits.

Shopping at pasar malam

Another attraction at here other than fresh fruits and vegetables is the cactus. A lot of unique cactus come in different sizes, shapes and colors.

Some unique cactus

A lot of cactus

Baby Ayman didn't miss a chance enjoy the scenery.

Cute baby Ayman

This is the best moment during this vacation. This place called "Strawberry Moment". Here most of the foods are made from strawberries or atleast we eat it with strawberries.

Infront of "Strawbery Moment"

Fresh strawbery dip with hot chocolate...

Just nice

And like I mention before, we went here for the wedding. Here is the bride, Irma with her beloved husband.

Irma's wedding

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