Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bad Day

This month was a very difficult month for me. I had an accident when Im on my way back from Technology Park to my office at Shah Alam. It was a rainy night. My car crash onto black mercedez. I don't remember the number plate because the car run away after the accident. Actually, it wasnt my fault. That car stops at the dark corner road because want to change lane or something. I could not makes my car stop as the wet road pull my car nearer to the merc. It happen so fast. The merc looks fine from the back. The driver just drive away without even get out from her/his car. At the end, my car really in a bad shape. I spend more than Rm1000 just for the repair cost.

This is my car at the workshop. Looks pretty bad huh? Cant wait to drive my car back.

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