Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Spontaneous Night

This night is the night after I when back from China. Im with a few of my officemate felt really malas and bored. That night we decide something spontaneous to do with. We (Me, Anas, Yong Pin, Eejean, Nazrul) were having dinner at 6pm at MMZ mamak stall (Bukit Jelutung) and suddenly someone suggested we go to IKEA. We without any futher thinking just drive to IKEA. From IKEA we walk to the Curve for a few minutes. Then we come out with new idea; watch Spiderman 3 at Cineleisure Mall. We queuing for the tickets and after a few minutes it come up with no sits available.

Then we decided to go for other option. We rush to IOI mall to see if there are any sits available. Yaa.. in our journey we sing out load in the car and we even stay thank you together at the girl's toll station. At the IOI mall... like we expected.. there no more ticket available for Spiderman 3... we should book the ticket before decide to watch the movie... Time is almost 11pm. Before we when back home, we decided to eat some A&W...

Waiting at Cineleisure Mall

At A&W

Me with cool pose




Yong Pin

Me with the big poster

In the car

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