Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Love Mocca

Yes, I love Mocca... Mocca is actually a band from Indonesia. The lead singer of this band is a girl. All of their song are in English. Their music is sounds a little bit like Cardigans, mix with of Juliet the Orange and sometimes sounds like Cokelat with some jazz instruments and guitar. Its really amazing. Ive been listening to their song for almost 3 weeks now.

Cover of their 2nd Album

Most of their song use very simple lyrics but the way she sang the song is really blend with the mood and style. I start to love Mocca's song when I heard 1 song from their 2nd album title "Buddy Zeus". The song is about a girl and her dog. Simple and really cute song...

Video clip from one of their song title "I would never"

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